Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank You to the Heroes of the Catholic Church Who Courageously work to Bring to the Attention of the World Rampant Child Abuse

It affects children of the church, families, neighborhoods, every kind of temple, schools, swim teams, I defy you to name which part of our world anywhere has not been affected by this scourge. The sisters of this evil are rape of women and men, every nameable and unnameable human on human cruelty. Silence = complicity. Say no to every form of tolerance of every form of child abuse perpetrated anywhere by anyone.. Jail the offenders!


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Chandra,

Having suffered child abuse for many years I made a promise that when I had children, the circle would be broken. It has.

Prison is too good unless it is life and in complete solitude without any human contact.


Chandra Garsson said...

Thank you, Egmont.