Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Belief I Hold in Your Ability to Fly

I  still believe in the ability of sites like this (my blog, your blog, Twitter, facebook, etc.) to foster true Democracy. How much respect do you have for your own  truth-telling thought process, independent of all you have been taught in life? Certainly incorporate some of what you have been inculcated with, if it truly resonates with what you yourself know to be true. This is a clarion call for independent, critical thinking---and the willingness to share it with others.

      At least one friend, Zhenne Wood, was inspired by my post. She is an artist and a poet. At the end of her response I shall provide a link to her beautiful blog, All Zhenne And Everything:

Hi Chandra,

I was so taken by your beautiful and poetic title of your most recent blog, I was inspired to quickly write a poemy kind of thing. I didn't want to post it as a comment, but thought you might appreciate a look at it. I wrote it very quickly without editing and for some reason it came out kind of rhymy. Anyway, I guess I could continue writing on it all day but while on the subject of wings - I turn my attention to making little birds for nests. Enjoy a fulfilling and inspiring day, in or out of your little nest.


Here it is:

The Belief I Hold in Your Ability to Fly

Never wavers, never flags, never dims
as across a littered landscape
you skim...

Strewn with abandoned houses,
fallen feathers, detritus of the past
footfalls of broken journeys
that could not last...
you rise above lost territory
continuing to soar...

Mapless, beyond the roiling, darkening skies
you push wings' limits
continuing to rise

'Til, like a beacon spreading eastward
New light reaches and opens your eyes...

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