Tuesday, November 8, 2011


       I've tried hard to get away from what for me can only be described as the pain of being an artist. Once again, I am sucked back into it all, with what I can only describe as all the ugliness attending what by all rights should only be a beautiful thing, a consolation. For me art is a kind of slavery. That is what it is for all of those who give themselves over to her, spirit courageous and raw...only to be slammed one way and another, no matter the intrinsic worth of us as people, as artists.

 Well...someones gotta say it.

      Yes,  and I thank you all again for all the help that you,  fellow artists, and others who care have given me, especially as I was doing the painful process of pulling away from it. Abandoning something one has sacrificed everything to over a lifetime is painful. 

      Sometimes the downright honor of being invited back into that realm and then my own natural feeling of wanting once again to involve myself...that can be  painful. But I shall do the very worthy task at hand, and then I will slip quietly back into retirement...film and photo notwithstanding.

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