Sunday, November 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street---The Time is Now For You To Lead

        We are the 99%. Who is the 1%? Monsanto! We have no choice any longer than to resist and free ourselves from these phenomenally self-serving and destructive promulgators internationally of Frankenfoods that are actually a recipe for hunger, starvation, suicide, and destruction of earth and life. We need good government to regulate, not deregulate! Ban GMO! Don't just listen to me, ask Vandana Shiva.
        ‎"People once thought slavery was normal. It took a few people saying slavery was wrong to abolish slavery of another time. Now we need to speak up and get ourselves out from the dominion of Monsanto and GMO. Each of us has a spirit that is dyeing to break free." - Vandana Shiva

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