Friday, November 4, 2011

They Are Not the Real OWS

       I've been giving careful thought to so-called anarchy at Oakland General Strike. I talked on the very eve of the the event with a friend and said I was afraid to go, because I thought there might be violence, police or otherwise. Here are my thoughts about what some call anarchists, others call hooligans, I simply call them thugs. Sometimes I call them young thugs, since most of them are young, so at times I call them destructive brat hangers-on. But whatever they are called, they are not part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Whether they are plants or infiltrators or just kids with way too much destructive energy, the point is that just as other groups have had to divorce themselves from the destructive among them, I too say that these destructo brats are not the real OWS.

      In fact, I invite young people everywhere to say that these are not the real young people. In fact:

       Every movement has had the same problem, those who will destroy a movement or group from within, even as they come from outside, whether sent by the enemy to make a group look bad, or outside real thought about why they do what they do, or real, cogent thought about anything beyond destruction feels powerful and good to them. Those who don't know how to be creative or appreciate those who do, are often destructive, whether it is through out and out violence, a thousand tiny cuts, or simple ignorance.
      Riot grannies aside, the worst thugs who do the most damage are a bit older. See Glenn Greenwald on OWS:

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